Data Protection Security via Your Swiss Army Knife

By Ross Morley

Everybody loves a Swiss Army Knife. I certainly do, cherish mine, keep it clean and sharp and in my pocket every day. It's trusty, reliable, does exactly what I ask it to do and it's the quick, easy, ideal solution for so many things. There are lots of other solutions out there - niche, one-trick pony tools I could use - but why would I wear a jingling tool belt full of them as I go about my white-collar business every day? Nope, the Swiss Army Knife is exactly what I need.

Looking at the Swiss Army Knife and all its shiny, sharp, beautifully-machined parts is all you need to see what a cool tool it is, and it's well-priced for great value. You don't have to strike a committee, hold plenary meetings, produce a position paper or seek board-level approval to try it, much less find the budget to purchase (well, you might hold it up and say "Hey honey, look what I just scored at the hardware store - cool eh?" - your partner will nod with a little smile) because it is perfectly evident how good it is, has myriad applications and how effective it will be addressing each one. It's a beauty, 'nuff said.

So, here's the puzzle I've been facing awhile. It has to do with what may be the most effective data protection security tool in the marketplace today, bar none. It has "too good to be true" stamped all over it. In fact at a high-level CISO forum last year, I was told not to talk about so many of its valuable use cases because " one will believe you." It's very much the  Swiss Army Knife of data protection security - so many valuable use cases it does so easily and well, the difference being the Swiss Army Knife's capabilities and value are perfectly evident to the casual observer. Conversely the capabilities of the data protection security tool can't be seen, touched or used to remove the cork from a wine bottle.  How, then, to get the message across to CISOs of the world?

And here's what I mean by valuable use cases, and - yes - they all deliver outstanding results, better than any of the legacy tools in the marketplace:

• Neutralizes Impact of Ransomware
• Secures all Confidential Communications
• Enhanced ‘Smart’ Data Loss Prevention
• Facilitates Cloud Usage and Cloud Security
• Eliminates Encryption Key Management
• Secures all data & documents - both File Servers and Index Servers
• Sidesteps Data Residency and Privacy Restrictions on Data Movement
• Eases PCI Compliance, removes PCI data entirely from infrastructure
• Enables Real-Time Streaming Inputs to De-Identification for Analytics
• Delivers Lower-Cost more effective Data Recovery for DR

Quite a laundry list? It's all true and then some. Any one of those use cases could be a product or service all its own. Even better, and this may actually be a headspace challenge for CISOs who have grown used to deathstar-sized implementations with massive overheads and resource expenditures:

• No changes to code or apps, no APIs; transparent to IT 
• No changes to User experience, no User Training
• Deploys quickly and easily (days, or hours) minimal resources
• On-Premise, Managed, Cloud implementations
• Multiple instances integrate in seamless deployment

OK, now it's really sounding "too good to be true". But that's the point - it's not, and in practice it delivers far better than described above. It is simply an all-in-one great tool, your data protection security Swiss Army Knife - a paradigm change from the known world of legacy data security solutions. It was purpose-designed from the ground up to be new and disruptive, not a Frankenstein's-monster of legacy stacks, multiple modules bolted together, struggling to stand up, much less walk. 

We all expect technology development to bring us better, faster, cheaper, more effective, easier-to-use, lower overhead in every part of our lives, both work and personal. Well that's exactly what's been created here, paradigm-changing data protection security of which CISOs have dreamed - so simple, so easy, so effective. Data protection security that will change the online world, forever. Ask me about it and prepare to Rest, Assured.