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Everything Old is New Again: Big Data vs Privacy

In the 1980s, Canadian IT press brought to light a brewing controversy around use and potential misuse of our Social Insurance Number (the 'SIN' - Canadian equivalent of USA's Social Security Number) by organizations of all types seeking an easy-to-use unique identifier of individuals. Everyone agreed that the SIN was indeed the best identifier that satisfied the need for easy data processing applications. The controversy was of course centred around the potential for misuse of the SIN. One recalls the arguments advanced back then.

Data Protection Security via Your Swiss Army Knife

Everybody loves a Swiss Army Knife. I certainly do, cherish mine, keep it clean and sharp and in my pocket every day. It's trusty, reliable, does exactly what I ask it to do and it's the quick, easy, ideal solution for so many things. There are lots of other solutions out there - niche, one-trick pony tools I could use - but why would I wear a jingling tool belt full of them as I go about my white-collar business every day? Nope, the Swiss Army Knife is exactly what I need.

The Importance of a 'Connected' Data Center

The best advice ever given in real estate is to focus on ‘Location, Location, Location’. The same sentiment holds true when evaluating your options for a Colocation Data Center in a densely-populated, international business hub like Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Be at the epicentre, where everything happens.

But what comes next? The next critical differentiator regarding Colocation is how ‘connected’ your Data Center is to your End Users, Partners, and the wider world of major Internet and Cloud Exchanges.

 Let’s take a look at what that means: