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First-World Partners – a community of best-in-class curated Solutions & Services providers that integrate to deliver seamless dependable client experience. Chosen and carefully vetted for top-drawer performance and value, focused on Privacy, Security, Communications and Leadership.


iRoam is a leading provider of international talk, text and data roaming plans. Our commitment to consistently providing the best possible products and services was recently strengthened by acquiring reputable brands Brightroam and G3 Wireless. Through alliances with 340 cellular roaming partners globally (including Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2) iRoam provides reliable international roaming service at significant discount to domestic carriers.

The Information Accountability Foundation

The Foundation is the preeminent global information policy think tank that successfully works with regulatory authorities, policymakers, business leaders, civil society and other key stakeholders around the world to help frame and advance data protection law and practice through accountability-based information governance. Our goal, through active consultations and research, is to achieve effective information governance systems to facilitate information-driven innovation while protecting individuals’ rights to privacy and autonomy.

Datex Inc.

Founded in 1991, Datex is a SaaS house that has developed and deployed a best-of-breed data security solution with multiple valuable use cases, from facilitating PCI compliance to protecting enterprise communications. The solution – DataStealth – operates on the premise “If the data is not there, it cannot be stolen.”

KI Design LLC

Ki Design partners with its Clients to protect the personal information of the people they serve and address their fears of it being misused or stolen. Buzzwords like Big Data, Open Data, electronic records, and the Internet of Things point to a new reality for organizations that hold an increasing volume and variety of data and metadata about the people who use their services. Ki Design will help your organization learn about privacy and security, understand its enterprise problems, and learn to mitigate its business risks by adopting industry best practices for protecting personal information.

Accelerated Connections, Inc.

Accelerated Connections deploys private WAN services worldwide, supported by its world-class colocation data centres at the centre of Canada’s communications thoroughfare in Toronto, ON. Since 1991 ACI’s private WAN services have given organizations the confidence that comes with elimination of attack vectors associated with endpoints on Internet.


In a world of accessible travel, global business and international commerce, overcoming language barriers is more important than ever. Lexifone is an international Telephony Service Provider with a clear vision that aims to connect those who do not speak the same language. Lexifone has set up a fully automatic phone interpreter service, Namely, we have built both a voice to voice translation engine and a worldwide telephony platform to facilitate the calls.


OPSWAT is a San Francisco based software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. Founded in 2002, OPSWAT delivers solutions and technologies that protect organizations from threats and help secure digital data flow. OPSWAT’s intuitive applications and comprehensive development kits are deployed by SMB, enterprise and OEM customers to more than 100 million endpoints worldwide.

Security Current

Securitycurrent.com Founded by veteran journalist and IT network security marketing executive Aimee Rhodes, Security Current examines IT security from all angles. It has security executives with a business perspective, practitioners who work daily in the trenches, research analysts who uncover trends and emerging technologies, and journalists who will deliver daily news. Security Current’s goal is to consolidate and leverage the expertise of seasoned IT security professionals to provide quality content and spark and facilitate thoughtful discussion on issues and developments that impact organizations worldwide.


Telehop is a Canadian based telecommunications company, providing the most comprehensive and innovative suite of communication services to residential and business customers across North America. Registered with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission ("CRTC") as a licensed Class "A" Telecom Carrier and American Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"), Telehop has been publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX:HOP) since 1997. Telehop's core network resides in Toronto, Ontario, with virtual points-of-presence in major cities, provinces, and states across Canada and the United States. Telehop recently acquired its own Wireless Spectrum in Ontario and British Columbia, which has allowed to Telehop to expand its industry presence and broaden its wireless product offerings.


Founded by Dr. Mansur Hasib, the only cybersecurity and healthcare leader in the world with 12 years experience as Chief Information Officer, a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity, the prestigious CISSP, PMP, and CPHIMS certifications, three published books and hundreds of articles and speeches, Dr. Hasib has a unique perspective on a wide range of issues - from literature to leadership and from cybersecurity to the future of healthcare. His inspirational discussions, original ideas, academic and practical knowledge, unique analyses of current events, a lively and personal engagement with the audience and his practical way of thinking is helping thousands of people in hundreds of organizations.