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First-World Solutions – purpose-built for agility, effectiveness and ease-of-use. First-World delivers the results so crucial to your organization’s success without onerous death star-sized overheads and costs that characterize most legacy offers in the marketplace today.

"Like it or not, actors – authorized or unauthorized – are driving the world toward the ‘Age of Transparency and Disclosure’. There is of course lots of information almost everyone wants made publicly available to the benefit of all. That said, there is also lots of personal and private information that must never see the light of day. Never."

In the burgeoning world of observational big data collection, analytics and the inferences fed by it, personal data of all kinds – identity, healthcare, financial, habitual, lifestyle, and more – must be protected in an authentic ethical manner. At the same time, legitimate ethical application of such analytics will create huge personal, social and business benefits. 

De-Identification / Anonymization: ...including 100% secure Re-Identification. This is the new standard of real-time zero-risk de-identification of multiple streaming inputs, structured and unstructured data, 100% order-preserving integrity for big data analytics. No changes to your user experience - use all your existing accesses and reporting tools, unchanged. This First-World service accommodates all data formats including diverse input and output formats, with 100% impeccable Re-Identification, even within .pdf outputs and more.  Note: this is not an obfuscation or masking solution that renders data unuseable - precisely the opposite. Contact us for details.

Facilitating Compliance: Drawing on world’s best De-identification / Anonymization and its application to facilitate and ease HIPAA and other PHI-type compliances. This First-World Solution delivers comprehensive transformation of sensitive data, exceeding every known set of compliance guidelines and regulations, Risk-based, Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield. Despite being readily available to intended users inside and outside your organization, your critical data assets are secured as never before, moving you so much closer to full compliance and full security than you've ever been.

Data Residency and Data Sovereignty: As regional, national and continental privacy regulations and political boundaries become new barriers to movement of sensitive data, this First-World Solution helps multinational organizations sidestep such barriers and achieve the results they need. Simply put, this First-World solution transforms your critical data assets so that they cannot be used by anyone except your intended users to re-create the original data. Your organization can move data from one jurisdiction to another for analytics, confident that the moved data does not expose any private information regardless how sensitive the original data may have been, all the while fully supporting your worldwide big data initiatives. And as described above - in real time, multiple streaming inputs and outputs, structured and unstructured data.   

“Has encryption protected Google and Yahoo against NSA snooping, simply not. Was the NSA protected against data extract by an 'authorized' user who threatened the nation’s security? Not really. Hence we say that best encryption ceases to work upon the first authorized access.”
— Dr. Wael Hassan, Chief Executive Officer, KI Design LLC

Securing Critical Data Assets: In the Cloud or in your own data centres, no worries - First-World’s unique data protection process means no one - including administrators accessing your organization’s critical data assets at rest or in transit to / from any Cloud Services –– will see, copy, recreate or reconstruct your data – it’s simply computationally infeasible to do so. Major security vendors are trying to catch up – First-World is there, now. 

Ransomware: Perhaps the biggest bogie on the CISO’s radar, Ransomware is morphing to cottage-industry level via a multitude of easily-deployed malware weapons. Although the FBI recommends paying off Ransomware pirates, and regardless of Ransomware’s origin or attack vector, First-World’s solution eliminates the impact of Ransomware and gets your data back in its entirety, usually within a few hours of the attack – no ransom paid, no cringe-inducing press releases.

Facilitating PCI Compliance: Striving for PCI compliance in hamster-wheel efforts that do not equal total security for PCI? First-World’s Solutions take your infrastructure completely out-of-scope for PCI, keeping your organization at the forefront of each new level of compliance while effectively reducing your cost and overhead by a substantial margin, again and again. 

‘Smart’ Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Designed and purpose-built ground-up, this ‘Smart’ DLP gives you better control, obfuscation, blocking, alarming and reporting in conjunction with the best data protection capability in the business.  OS and protocol agnostic, this solution.

Eliminate Encryption Key Management: This First-World Solution employs no user-level encryption – hence, no encryption keys for you or your users to manage – all the while securing your critical data assets better than any encryption known today. Counter-intuitive? You bet – but it works, and relieves everyone of encryption keys and their management.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity: When deployed with DR and BC in mind, this First-World Solution reduces cost and complexity of your DR environment while improving its flexibility and overall performance. In a typical major data centre outage, your users won’t notice a thing as their services persist, uninterrupted.

“Intruders are inside networks an average of 243 days before they are detected.”
- Art Gilliland, Former Senior Vice President of HP Software Enterprise Security Products
"If someone steals your password, you can change it. But if someone steals your thumbprint, you can’t get a new thumb. The failure modes are very different."
— Dr. Bruce Schneier, security ‘guru’, Chief Technology Officer at Resilient Systems, Inc.

Ultra-Secure Unified Communications as a Service: Across Industry and Government, users want the multi-modality communications tools they’re using at home – voice, video, txt msg, screen-sharing, document-sharing, chat, group chat, collaboration, and more. Administrators holding off UC deployment because of security or architecture concerns will be happy to learn that First-World’s Secure UCaaS is now available for all endpoints – smartphone, tablet, desktop – and on the major ecosystems – iOS, Android, Windows. Integrating seamlessly, all modalities are ultra-secure, endpoint-to-endpoint, with no gaps in between.

Global Wireless Connectivity for Enterprise: Today's remote and mobile workers need access to important applications and business data while on the move or traveling in another country. First-World offers proven and highly-affordable mobility solutions to connect your workforce and support mission-critical and day-to-day operations.

  • Affordable and secure mobile Internet with multiple connected devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets in over 150 countries. Fast, secure, inexpensive.
  • Wi-Fi roaming worldwide, including in-flight, via the world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network with over 21 million hotspots.
  • Corporate SIM Cards: International roaming packages offer convenience with coverage in more than 200 countries, low rates, cost certainty, and savings for Voice, SMS and Data.

Mass Notification Services: Every organization – public or private – has the urgent need to communicate to its constituents from time to time. Whether the subject matter is a change-of-venue for a town hall meeting or a widespread terror alert, 100% success of communications is critical – no one can be left out. First-World’s Solution incorporates all communications modalities in an effective service that guarantees timely delivery, every time.

Automated In-Conversation Translation: Global business, international travel and commerce are a fact of life and overcoming language barriers is more important than ever. First-World’s Solution is a fully automated phone translation service, allowing users to speak real-time, naturally in 19 languages and dialects, worldwide. It is a patented ‘voice-to-voice translation engine’ and a supporting worldwide telephony platform.

Private Wide Area Network Connectivity: The public Internet is good for many things, but as secure enterprise-class connectivity it takes second place to Private Wide Area Networks, worldwide. Every public Internet access is an exposure and every Internet-based WAN endpoint is a huge attack surface for hackers, not to mention complex and costly from a firewall deployment and management perspective. Private networks eliminate those public Internet exposures.

“Privacy is not for the passive.”
— Jeffrey Rosen, Law Professor, George Washington University
“Have hope! Challenge the view that privacy is dead! Uphold privacy and know that you can have it. Know that we must have it! We must have privacy and freedom – that’s what it means to be human.”
- Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Privacy and Big Data Institute

Winning is more than running a great business. First-World will give everyone in your organization – from the Board of Directors and C-suite executives top-down, the knowledge, tools and edge they need to face myriad threats effectively, all day, every day.

Master of Science in Business Information Technology and Cybersecurity - Complete academic program and courses available for universities worldwide. Student learn through technology enabled virtual classrooms and complete degree program in 2 years. Implement within weeks with minimal cost and effort. Students and faculty can be anywhere in the world. First-World partner executives can serve as your interim Chief Academic Officer to jump start the program and assist with faculty and student recruitment.

Doctor of Science in Business Information Technology and Cybersecurity - Complete academic program and courses available for universities worldwide. Student learn through technology enabled virtual classrooms and complete degree program in 3 years. Implement within weeks with minimal cost and effort. Students and faculty can be anywhere in the world. First-World partner executives can serve as your interim Chief Academic Officer to jump start the program and assist with faculty and student recruitment.

Graduate Cybersecurity Academic Program External Reviews

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“We know everyone who breaks the law. We know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.”
— Jim Farley, Ford Motor Corporation